Busy as a bee!

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One day, I was walking around in my little garden to see if there is something new to see. Then something  caught my eyes.




As you can see in the picture, a bee is sucking nectar from a flower in my little garden.

The bees needs nectar to survive.

They are busy during summer time flying around and visiting different kinds of flowers to get their supply for food.


Very much like us humans, isn’t it?

 Busy, busy like a bee.  

But we can be busy without doing positive things both for ourselves or others ,

or we can be so busy working for a living that we forget to live.

What would we choose?


Matthew 4: 4 Jesus answered: ” It is written:  Man does not live on bread alone, but from every words that comes in the mouth of God. 


When I pondered about what Jesus said, something puffed up in my mind.  

Jesus speaks the truth. Food is important, and so is words that we speak or listen to.


Just think of a situation where two persons eat together without talking.

Kinda boring isn’t it?

How about a speechless world?

I don’t think no one can survive without words although this world has all the natural resources to survive.

This world cannot survive without people interacting with each other. 


Jesus said that we does not live by bread alone, but from every words that comes in the mouth of God.

He said that because God is the source of life. When He speaks, something good happen.

So if we want to be a person that when we speak, something good happens, then we have to listen to the source. 


God said in Proverbs 18:21 ” The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit”.


It is like that God is saying: Be careful with our words!



 Ha en fin dag alle sammen!

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    1. Ha en fin søndag Joy, jeg blir litt busy as a bee fremover noen dager jeg også 😀 På ferien min 🙂 Kommer nok noen bilder. Ha en fin dag Joy <3 klemmer <3

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