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Febz of Pause & Appreciate
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Needs a little understanding!

<img src="" alt="Bilde: When we are able to have
compassion for others
we become wise enough
to gain an understanding
about them..
With understanding, fear
fades away and with fear
gone we will gain acceptance.
With acceptance love will likely
Everything and everyone,
needs a little understanding
and a lot of love..
April Peerless
— — — — — —
Welcome to Spiritual Quotes and meditations…
This page is a little bit of all faiths.
I believe we are all on a Spiritual journey
and that we each play a part for the greater
good, all of us learning as we go along.
If we can take away the labeling that separate
us there is so much to learn from one another.
This is why I created this page in hopes to be
a part of higher understanding for us all.
May we open our minds and our hearts while
in this beautiful Era, 'this time of spiritual
awakening,' and embrace each other for
our differences rather than just our
I started this page to give of myself to others.
I did not know it was you who would give to
me. I want to thank you for your continued
comments, likes and shares, all of which
inspire me to carry on…
I love your light!


Liker du å samle?

Samle du vinflasker? Her er det forskjellige tips hvordan du kan bruke flaskene til noe:)

Here are 22 creative ways you can turn an empty wine bottle into a functional art pieces:

#1. Bookshelf


Some sturdy boards and wine bottles can make up a home for your favorite books.

#2. Bottle Tree

Bottle Tree

If you?re having a problem growing plants, why not grow this tree made from empty bottles of wine?

#3. Chandelier


Turn them into a gorgeous centerpiece.

#4. Clock


Or make them into something that would remind you it?s time for another bottle.

#5. Coat Rack

Coat Rack

This design by Daniela Cruz uses wine bottles as hooks to hold coats and scarves.

#6. Garden Wall

Garden Wall

This colorful additions can give character to your garden.

#7. Glassware


Enjoy another glass of wine after you have emptied a bottle with these wine bottle glassware.

#8. Hanging Planter

Hanging PLanter

Give your plants a refreshing new look by hanging them in these wine bottle planters.

#9. Hat Rack

Hat Rack

This design by Lucirmás gives a practical home for your hats.

#10. Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

These tiny birds would surely love to take a sip from this awesome feeder.

#11. Hurricane Candle Holder

Hurricane Candle Holder

Keep your candles burning in these beautiful candle holders.

#12. Kitchen Scoops

Kitchen Scoops

These unique utensils are part of French designer Laurence Brabant?s collection called ?Cold Cuts?.

#13. LED Lamp

Led Lamp

Thrusts one of these LED corks into a wine bottle and there you have it!

#14. Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair

Relax yourself in this cool chair.

#15. Modified Tiki Torch

Modified Tiki Torch

Filling these torches with citronella oil will keep mosquitoes away.

#16. Necklace


This beautiful necklace was made from wine bottles. They can be customized according to your color choices.

#17. Pantry Containers

Pantry Containers

Get rid of plastic containers and store your pantry items in these cool wine bottles.

#18. Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny

With the help of these special terracotta stakes attached to your wine bottles, your plants will be able to water themselves.

#19. Serving Dish

Serving Dish

Enjoy your munchies served in this unique serving dish while you?re gulping down your wine.

#20. Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Just add a pump or drizzle top to a clean wine bottle and there you go!

#21. Terrarium


Grow your tiny garden in clear or light colored wine bottles.

#22. Wind Chime

Wind Chime

Add life to your backyard by making this wine bottle wind chime.

Hva synes du om disse ideene?

Hvorfor Gud?

Why God created the world?


1.Mosebok 1:2

Genesis 1: 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.


It tells me that God created the world because he is alive and he wanted everything that he sees viable. He is full of creativity and had the desire to make something with his hands. And since God is  light, he does not want darkness at all. And he moves…

So if you are unsatisfied with yourseld, God can make you whole and beautiful inside and out. His beauty will radiate in you if you will let him.

If you feel empty, God can fill you with love, peace, joy and satisfaction.

 He said in  Matthew 6: 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and everything shall be added unto you.

If you are in darkness, God is the source of light. Come to him and you will never be in darkness.

And  God moves…….and heaven and earth came to life!

That is why if we want to be whole, alive, radiant and creative,

we must let God moves in our lives!

Like these seagulls…something made them active:) 

So, what hinders us to let God move in our lives?



Be inspired!

God morn venner! Her på Ørlandet regner det mye. Lyden får man til å bli  værende enda lenger i senga. Godt at jeg har fortsatt fri fra arbeid i dag.
Vel regn eller sol, trenger vi ny inspirasjon hver dag. Så her er dagens inspirasjon. Håper de faller i smak;)
Ha en fin dag.