Think of the other person’s point of view.




Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Plato




 Fortune favours the brave


Opportunities multiply as they are seized. – Sun Tzu




 If you want to be happy, be.


If you want to be happy, be.

Leo Tolstoy




 Dare to Try


I prefer the errors of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom. – Anatole France




Lessons of History


An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not the invasion of ideas. – Victor Hugo





The little things

It’s the little things that we do, and the little things that we don’t do, that make the big difference in life!

A minute read……..

As I was walking
Down life’s highway 
Many years ago

I came upon a
Sign that read

Heavens Grocery Store..

When I got a
Little closer

The doors swung
Open wide

And when I came
To myself

I was standing

I saw a host of

They were 
Standing everywhere

One handed me a

And said ‘My
Child shop with care..’

Everything a
Human needed
Was in that
Grocery store

And what you
Could not carry
You could come
Back for more

First I got some

Love was in that
Same row.

Further down was
You need that
Everywhere you go..

I got a box or
Two of Wisdom 
And Faith a bag
Or two.

And Charity of
I would need some
Of that too..

I couldn’t miss
The Holy Ghost
It was all over
The place.

And then some
And Courage to 
Help me run this race.

My basket was
Getting full
But I remembered
I needed Grace,

And then I chose
Salvation for
Salvation was for

I tried to get
Enough of that to do
For you and me..

Then I started to
The counter
To pay my grocery

For I thought I
Had everything
To do the Masters

As I went up the
I saw Prayer and
Put that in, 

For I knew when I
Stepped outside
I would run into

Peace and Joy
Were plentiful,
The last things
On the shelf.

Song and Praise
Were hanging near
So I just helped

Then I said to
The angel

‘Now how much do
I owe?’

He smiled and

‘Just take them
Everywhere you go.’

Again I asked
‘Really now,

How much do I 

‘My child’ he
Said, ‘God paid your bill
A long long time

Got this poem from a friend thorugh email and it is worth sharing 

Hope it inspires you too.

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In his book « The best is yet to be» Henry Durbanville told the story of a little girl in London who won a prize at a flower show. Her entry was grown in an old cracked teapot and had been placed in the rear attic window of a rundown tenement house. When asked how she managed to raise such a lovely flower in such an unlikely environment, she said she moved it around so it would always be in the sunlight. 


During the years of my life,  when I was in darkness, afraid, hurting, hoping to be saved, to be seen, and to get help, I hope to be in the light. 

In the light where I don’t need to be afraid, where I will be protected from getting hurt, where I won’t be ashamed, where I can shine, be encouraged, be saved from darkness, beloved, and be in the dry ground. So I prayed and prayed and prayed. I seek and continue seeking. There must be hope from someone, from somewhere.


Many years of tears and heartaches, but deep inside me was a little hope that someday the sun will shine in my life. That might be in the mud, but one day I will rise up and I will be on the dry ground.

              And then I found the source of light and life.

Little by little my life has changed. I found out that God can make something out of a me who was broken and with nothing to offer. He restored me and made me whole again. Now, I am not in the dark anymore. Because God is my light and in him, there is no darkness. I don’t need to be afraid anymore because I know that whatever happens in my life I am under his care.

                                                   God said:

How wonderful it is to be made whole again, to be loved, taken care of, to be seen, to be protected by the Almighty God, and to be inspired by His words every day.


So like that little girl in the story where she moved around her flower so it will be always in the sunlight, I will also move around to follow the sun of my life. And that is GOD.

How about you?

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Wisdom is calling

Today is cloudy and windy. And that makes me seek comfort from the beauty in the flowers that I found everywhere I go. 

Well, this is my orchid and I got it as a birthday present last march and it didn’t stop from growing flowers since then. Lovely!

Macro shot to find the beauty inside!

I found words of wisdom to inspire too! 



My son, if you , accept my words

and store up my commands within you turning your ear to wisdom

and applying your heart to understanding,

and if you call  out for insight

and cry aloud for understanding,

and if you look for it as silver

and search for it as hidden treasure,

then you will understand the fear of the Lord

and find the knowledge of God.

Proverbs: 2: 1-5

God is giving us a choice to gain wisdom: accept His words






Turn our ears to wisdom….listen to what He say..


listen with our heart….



Pray for insight and understanding….

Look for wisdom as we look for treasure…search with  our heart, soul and spirit


Then we will understand the fear of the Lord

and find the knowledge of God.


How about that? Finding the knowledge of God….wisdom!

Have a beautiful  week end friends !


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Sounds easy?


 Sounds easy? Those who believed will be righteous in the eyes of God. But a big but! Because so easy as it seems, it takes the whole of us. But it will be wonderful! God promised! And what I mean  about it?

When I was reading these words ” so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believe“, it dawned on me that there is more in those words.  Because……

if we believed – then we are obedient to God’s words

if we believed – then nothing is imposssible for us

if we believed – we are doing good works, because faith without deed is dead

if we believed – we do righteous deeds

if we believed – we don’t need to be afraid of now and the future

if we believed – we trust God no matter what is happening with our lives

if we believed – we shares God’s words

if we believed – we have assurance that we have an eternal life with God

 What is words of faith?


Words of faith that we are proclaiming. 


Words of faith is when we proclaim words that is in line with God’s words.

Words of faith is healing for body, soul and spirit

Words of faith tellls the truth

Words of faith is full of hope

Words of faith is forgiving 

Words of faith is love

Words of faith is light in the darknes

Words of faith is life

Words of faith is freedom from bondage

So, everything seems easy, but it takes the whole of us, but what a reward in return. Tenfolds, hundrefolds…..and heaven!

But of course it is not our works that will save us. Believing in what Jesus had done and accepting him as our saviour is the way to heaven. Maybe God is imparting to me how I shall live my life as a believer.

Do you think that God is happy to hear our footsteps when we are bringing the good news?

Someone has said ” No matter how small feet one’s have, that feet will always leaves a mark.


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