Afraid of other’s opinion?

Proverbs 29:25 It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you, but if you trust God the Lord, you are safe. 


I used to care much before of others opinion. It is actually a sickness that most people suffer. Mostly we think of what other people might think of our hairstyles, clothes, what we say, behavior, performances, skills, family, where we live, friends, and the list are endless. It is a sickness that most people suffer. Some though say that they don’t care what others think, as long as they feel that what they are doing is right or what makes them happy. 

Admit it or not, we care what other people think of us….most of the time. But in the verse above, it said that it is DANGEROUS. 

I can agree with that because each one has different opinions about us and if we are going to please everyone, then we lose our personality. We will not have peace and it can paralyze us because we are afraid to do anything that can cause others to judge us or our motives. Then if that happens to every one of us, then the world will stop functioning. No new inventions will not be invented, no new stories to be told, no new lessons to be learned and no progress in anything. 

I think of those that make commercials…they do the survey to know what people’s opinions are in everything to sell different things. They do that because they want to sell. But we are not for sale, are we? 

Of course, it is important to strive to have good conduct and to have a nice reputation, but no matter what we do good or bad…people will always have an opinion of us. 

In the verse above, it says that we should TRUST God instead to be safe.

What does it mean to trust God? 


For me…trusting God means that I should follow him and His Word so that I will know if what I am doing all the time is right and it also guides me to say the right words to other people in every given situation. The truth then will always come from my mouth and I can also impart words of wisdom as God provides. With guidance from God’s word, I will know how to treat others with respect, humility, and love. 

In other words, I should be what God has made me to be. 


It is nice to please everyone Lord, but it is not possible, so I pray that we rather concentrate on your opinion. And to put our total trust in You. 

Let not the flattery and approving attention of others become narcotic to us. 

Let it be our goal is just to show love to everyone.

Your kind of love.

 Love that leads others to the road of life. 

Love sometimes hurts, but it sets everyone free. I pray in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen