Garbage of our lives!

It really tickles me everytime I  come across  articles, blogs or pictures about crafts like this one.  I am a fan of those talented people.



And I am so  amazed  how God had made each and everyone unique and constantly  giving them different kinds of  ideas that are really inspiring.

Anyway, one of my passion is cardmaking and I loved to cut papers and cardboards in different shapes and sizes to decorate my cards. As a result, my trash can is always full of paper strips. Well……garbage?


Not actually , coz I used to burn this garbage of mine in our fireplace to produce heat to make our  inside temperature  a little bit warmer….coz it is really cold in wintertime.


Anyway, everyday, we throw  lots of garbage, which in many undeveloped countries recyle, so that they can be usable again in another form or as they are. And garbage collecting is a means of income for many.  Garbage then becomes a source of life for them.


  But it is not only things we can throw as a garbage. Words too. Spoken words have power!



Words that we speak everyday can either gives life or destroy someone. What we say probably affects more people than any other action we take.


So be careful with our words or else it will be like a garbage that we  have to recycle to be usable again.


Instead we can:


with our words 🙂

A repost from my English blog: Joysnotepad.blogspotcom