Why I changed?


In my childhood days, I was not fond of animals. I don’t like touching them and the last thing I will do is to have a pet a home.

But people really change. I remember, when I was in still in  the Philippines,  we found a very little kitten in front of our door  one early morning. Judging from it’s appearance, we found out that the little kitten was just a few  days old. We did not know how the kitten managed to find it’s way to our front door, but it broke the hearts of my children. They wanted the kitten, and my heart melted too. But we didn’t know if the kitten will survived, coz it was so small and thin. Well, that kitten longed for it’s mother, so I decided I will be the mother. I found milk bottles that my children used before and started feeding the kitten. And sure enough, the kitten became the  cat that the family loved. But the cat story ended when the house that the family lives burned down. No one has seen the cat ever since.


Here in Norway, it is almost normal to have a pet at home. It can be a cat or a dog.



 When my youngest daughter was a little girl, she kept nagging me to buy a cat for her, but my ear was deaf. I don’t want a cat because then I have to clean the house everyday and not to mention cat’s po po on the floor. And she grows up without a pet at home.


But history repeats itself. When our neighbor went to live on the nursing home, her cat was left alone on herself. And typical me, then I felt so sorry for the cat that I said yes to adopt it. Adopting a cat again!


And finally, my youngest daughter dream had come true. After 17 years of waiting, she has now a pet at home. She is turning 21 this year and still we have the cat.


But this cat really changed me. Now it is me who  loves to play with  her. Playing with a cat was not even  in my wildest dream before. 🙂  And  I  talk to her too. I believed we understand each other. Now I don’t mind at all cleaning the mess after  her. And her food is on my budget too. 


Now I am really fond of cats, especially mine 🙂 She makes me feel not alone when everybody is away. Anyway animals is God’s creation too.


So; I am a cat lover now:)