Sharing from my English blog:

A few years ago we went to Molde and stopped by at  this place  located along the way. They have cottages for rent , restaurant, kiosk and a lighthouse.


Skarstua and Lysgården 




My daughter and my husband looking around!



Trolls everywhere!



This  thing was used by the farmers before to cut grass!



And the cottages!


Me and my hubby… 


    and the lighthouse at the background. They sell handmade candles.






Autum candles….



Winter candles…..



Wedding candlelights



And christmas trees made of candles.



The fruits were also candles!


In Norway we used a lot of candlelights to decorate our homes, in parties, as gifts, or to  make the darkest winter cozy! Light do something with people.


God said: We are the light of the world and we shall let our light shine before men that they may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven. (Matthew 5: 14-16)


I began to ponder about it because there are also different kinds of lights. And what kind of light I am or you?








Are we the red lighs that reminds people that they have to stop to avoid danger? 


Or  yellow lights that makes people to slow down? Or make people to enjoy the beauty around them?


Maybe I am the green light. Always on the go. 


How about dim light? It is good when we are going to sleep or make a romatic evening with the one we love. Are we like dim lights  that makes people we encounter to relax?


Flashing light: Reminds me of a lighthouse that gives signals to sea voyagers at night so that they can navigate in the dark. Are we that kind of flashing lights that help those in darkness to find the right way?


But no matter what kind of light we might be, we cannot shine on our own. Like all these kinds of light, they have a source of energy. 




       Jesus is our source of light. So if we want to have the light of life, we just follow Jesus!


How about leading someone out of darkness into light?

Think how wonderful it would feel!

So go ahead friends….spread light around you! Remember, we are the light of the world.