Time to get wet ( Philippines)


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Last part of our visit to the Philippines!


Vacation in the Philipines will not be complete without getting wet. I mean swimming in the pool and at the beach. So we packed our swimwear and brought with us food. The filipinos don’t go swimming  without ( baon) food.

And my beloved mother who cooks delicious meals made macaroni soup.


 My youngest daughter haven’t tasted that kind of soup before, but she said that it was very delicious. Then after we went home to Norway, I tried to make the same soup, but she told me that Grandma’s soup was better. 🙂 Well, I can just agree with her, coz it was true.


Since we lived in Makati area, we had chosen a resort in Laguna. Takes only more than two hours drive.



And here we are, young and old soaking ourselves in water. 




If you are wondering why the water was not deep, we had chosen the childrens swimming pool coz the water was hot there. And only a few of us can swim.



My three beloved daughters and the baby is Candice, my second grandchild.


My son with his wife and daughter!

I love this picture coz I can see the love looks in their eyes. Candice, the baby is 9 years old now. 


Candice first swimming lesson!


And that was the last bonding day for my family in Norway and Philipines coz,  my mother-in-law, my husband and my youngest daughter went home earlier , so that I could spend more time with my family in the Philippines. 





And then at the beach together with the rest of relatives:) 


But before we did anything else, we have to eat first. That was the first command from our stomachs:)



With me are my two daughters and granddaughter Candice.


My son and his wife with my first grandchild Andrei! He is 12 years old now. And to the right is my brother-in-law!


My older sister just arrived from Germany! She lives in Norway too now.Happy to have her with us:)


My youngest sister taking picture of her youngest daughter. Her first swimming at the beach:)



Four sisters! Two others were not in the picture. One was in Norway and the other was taking a shower.



Four generation: my mother, me, my son and his two children. Now he has three and we are now older, but looking better. hi, hi




My grandson Andrei and my nephews really enjoyed the beach.


But Ariel, my second daughter’s fiance that time seeked comfort under the sand:)


And picture taking before we leave the beach! 


And before me and my sister Lourdes leave our homecountry again…. Those were the days when we were young:)


Memories from 2004 that I cherished in my heart. 



Until next blog!