Cassava cake!

Been busy these last few days. Actually, all my days are quite full. Lot’s of things to do, to create, to think, to write and so on. 

Anyway I tried making cassava cake, coz I was really missing my mom’s cassava cake.



The ingredients: sugar, condensed milk, butter, eggs, cheese, coconut milk, ( fresh milk was not in the picture) and grated casssava



Then after combining all the needed ingredients, I put the batter in the pan and baked in the oven for one hour.






Then  after one hour, I poured over the topping ( coconut milk,sugar, condensed milk, flour, cheese, egg) over the Cassava cake. And I put the cake back in the oven. 

I should be watching the cake until it turned golden brown, but suddenly my mother-in -law came for a visit. Then I almost forgot the cassave cake in the oven.



It should be  looking like this cake under.


cassava cake


Got the Recipe from: http:// and you can visit their website for more complete details. Maybe you will be luckier than me:)

But anyway, I tasted my Cassava cake  and it was delicious. So my effort was not wasted anyway. 


  My homemade clown can tell  my  thought for the day: