Firkløver kake

Sharing this entry from my other blog: to my readers here:)

                                                We are going to need ” Firkløver Chocolate”


Put 100 grams chocolate and 135 grams butter in a casserole. 



 Let the chocolate and the butter melt together in  a low heat , then let the mixture cool down. Picture under.


                                                            Then the rest of the ingredients…….


200 grams sugar and 6 eggs…..



whipped until creamy…..


then add 135 grams flour and 2 ts baking powder…..



lastly, add the chocolate and butter mixture……




then bake in 180 degrees for 45 minutes.



Now it is baked….


And for the icing: 

Cook 1,5 dl sugar, 1,5 dl butter and 1,5 dl cream for ten minutes before adding 200 grams firkløver chocolate. Cool until lukewarm under constant stirringThen put icing on the cake layer.  

Here is my ” Firkløver cake”




As I was baking these cake, I pondered about how the ingredients combined can turned out to be a mouth watering cake. I don’t think raw eggs are good. The same with the flour or the baking powder. But by mixing them together and work with the ingredients :  whipped, cooked and baked like I did, I made a delicous cake. Pretty tough treatment….

Just like us humans. We can be treated badly or experience hardship, but these things can mold us into a better person. Remember God’s has given us different gifts or talents to develop and to be used in building each other. Like the ingredients of my cake. They have different qualities to contribute to each other. We receievd, then we give:)

         So my thought for today is: