Like Jesus?

Like Jesus?

It is still dark Father, and I have awakened early…. from an almost sleepless night…again.  But, still Oh God, I am thankful that You had given me a new day to live. Thank You for the darkness around me and in my life so that I can appreciate the light that is in You that makes my world a little brighter and better.

As I opened the door in my bedroom, it reminds me that although some doors in my life had been closed….but still you have other doors for me to open.

And when I washed my face and look at the mirror…I see Your Creation, Lord. I have two eyes to see and nose to smell and a mouth to talk. You created me in your likeness.

I brushed my teeth and it reminded me of what You had done in my life. Cleansed me so white as snow.

Now, I am writing to you my thoughts and my mind wandered back in your written words. Thinking of the heroes in the bible. Am I like one of those? Suddenly, I wish I can be like Adam who saw You with his own eyes. Well, I thank You that one day, I can see you with my own eyes when I close my eyes here on earth forever.

I pray that I can be like Abel who carefully chose the best thing to offer to you which you really approved. Tell me Lord what can I offer to You that will make You smile. Help me to have an obedient heart like Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his beloved and only Son when You asked him to.

Well, I know I am like Jacob who although made a lot of mistakes, still, You forgiven him and were with him and made him successful. I made a lot of mistakes too, but you had forgiven me and had given me a new life. I am forever thankful.

I thank you that like Joseph who has the heart to forgive after he had been treated unfairly with his brothers, you helped me too to forgive those who mistreated me. Who made my life almost unbearable to live. For although I met terrible people, they were many good ones too. Reminds me that Your eyes were on me.

 You had given Joseph wisdom to interpret dreams. Lord help me to interpret bad dreams that hunt me night after night. Every time I manage to sleep, then bad dreams would follow. What were those dreams meant to be Father?

 How about Moses Lord whom you used mightily to save the Israelites from slavery although he was not a fluent speaker and had been afraid. I supposed there is hope for me who strive in my everyday life.

Whisper always in my ears Lord to be strong and courageous and be not afraid like Joshua. Joshua who obeyed to march around the walls of Jericho silently together with his men. And the walls of Jericho collapsed on the seventh day when the priests played their trumpets, and the army shouts all the way around Jericho seven times. People maybe have laughed at them, ridiculed them and I believed maybe some of them thought that Joshua was crazy. Not to mention their exhaustion on the seventh day because not only they would walk seven times around, but with shouting and blowing of the trumpets. Jericho was 40,000 square meters according to archeological findings. It is 1,6 kilometers times seven. It is more than 11 kilometers. Lord, I prayed that I too would not give up like them no matter how long I need to be silent to hear from you or to shout praises no matter I don’t see You my prayers remained unanswered. Help me to be obedient although my strength is almost gone. To still walk an extra mile.

God, Gideon was, in the beginning, a reluctant warrior but overcame his doubt to answer Your call. Remove every doubt in me, Lord so that I can be victorious in my battles. For there are battles to be won… every day. Be my shield Oh God because the arrows of the enemies keep launching on me.

 Lord, Ruth had been faithful to her mother-in-law no matter what the hardships were. I pray Lord that I will be a faithful woman in whatever you entrusted me. Faithful to You Oh God no matter how hard life is.

Let me also hear Your voice when You call as Samuel heard you when you called him to be a prophet. Thank You that You still have a plan for me.

How wonderful it is Lord to be called a woman of your own heart Lord like King David who was a man of your own heart although he was not perfect. I am sure have a long way to be perfect. But thank You that Your ears hear the cry of my heart.

Thank you for sending me loyal friends like Jonathan to David. Family too to love and be loved.

 Give me wisdom Father like Solomon who realized that the only one thing that was important was to fear You and obey Your commandments.

Thank You for the reminder through the prophet Isaiah that though my sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool. Like You said to him that he should not fear, for You are with him and that he should not be dismayed because You are his God, and you will strengthen and help him. You will uphold him with your righteous hands. I claimed those promises too Lord for me and my loved ones.

I pray that I can be like Jeremiah who was a preaching prophet. Unafraid to tell the truth to people although it hurts.

 Lord, I pray too that I can be like Ezekiel and Daniel who although had been taken captive but had remained loyal to you. Whatever hardships Lord that I might be facing, I pray that I will always be Your loving and faithful daughter. No matter what the enemy does to me like Job.

I hope too that I can be like Hosea the prophet whom you used to portray a message of repentance to Your people.

Lord, through Zechariah, you revealed to your people future deliverance through the Messiah. May I reveal you to people with my words…actions…with my life. Malachi’s name means messenger, let me be a messenger of the good news too Lord. Like Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John who proclaimed Jesus, who is the way the truth and the life.

I pray that like Paul, no matter what I am experiencing, your grace will be enough for me.

I could not ever do what Jesus had done Father. He was and is a Healer, a Savior, and a Redeemer. He walked on water, he awakens a dead man, he was bold and fearless. He obeyed unto death.

But Father, likewise and most of all, help me to be like Jesus whose love never fails. Who was humble, merciful, and forgiving. Help me to be the woman you want me to be. A woman of your own heart. I pray Lord that we, your children will be people of your own heart. Where every heartbeat beat for you. I pray in Jesus’ name.

Picture borrowed from a friend.

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