Sounds easy?


 Sounds easy? Those who believed will be righteous in the eyes of God. But a big but! Because so easy as it seems, it takes the whole of us. But it will be wonderful! God promised! And what I mean  about it?

When I was reading these words ” so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believe“, it dawned on me that there is more in those words.  Because……

if we believed – then we are obedient to God’s words

if we believed – then nothing is imposssible for us

if we believed – we are doing good works, because faith without deed is dead

if we believed – we do righteous deeds

if we believed – we don’t need to be afraid of now and the future

if we believed – we trust God no matter what is happening with our lives

if we believed – we shares God’s words

if we believed – we have assurance that we have an eternal life with God

 What is words of faith?


Words of faith that we are proclaiming. 


Words of faith is when we proclaim words that is in line with God’s words.

Words of faith is healing for body, soul and spirit

Words of faith tellls the truth

Words of faith is full of hope

Words of faith is forgiving 

Words of faith is love

Words of faith is light in the darknes

Words of faith is life

Words of faith is freedom from bondage

So, everything seems easy, but it takes the whole of us, but what a reward in return. Tenfolds, hundrefolds…..and heaven!

But of course it is not our works that will save us. Believing in what Jesus had done and accepting him as our saviour is the way to heaven. Maybe God is imparting to me how I shall live my life as a believer.

Do you think that God is happy to hear our footsteps when we are bringing the good news?

Someone has said ” No matter how small feet one’s have, that feet will always leaves a mark.


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