A love letter to my daughter in heaven

A love letter to my daughter in heaven

I ache so much not seeing you anymore and not hearing your voice. Not understanding that someone so kind and precious had to die so soon, but I keep reminding myself that you are now in heaven and having a wonderful time with God. 

When you left, my heart split in two. One side is filled with good memories with you, the other side left with you. At night when the world is quiet and asleep, most of the time I lie awake and thinking of you. Walking back in the memory lane with tears wetting my pillow.

You are not easy to forget, and I would not either, but missing you is like my breath. My constant companion.

It is one year from now since you went home to God….the unforgettable day. The worst day of my life. I didn’t know how it was with you when you were about to depart, but your children said that they heard you say …” not now yet Lord”. I know you did not want to leave yet. We had many plans yet like you coming here this year and we were looking forward to that. But I supposed I shall wait for more longer to see you again. It can be soon, or it can be many years from now.

Life here on earth is just a journey each one has to take, and I need to look forward actually to that day that we should be together forever. I should just hold you tightly in my heart because there you will always remain.

Anyway, I talk to your children every Saturday and despite the Pandemics, they are doing alright. I know that they are hurting so much too but thinking that you are not suffering anymore makes them also continue to live their lives and do their best. Because you would not be happy if they would not do so.

I understand that there is a reason for everything, and I just pray to God to give me the strength, the peace, the joy to somehow get through as I struggle with pain not seeing you.

We had lots of good memories. Those things I should cherish.

Anyway, this should be a love letter, so I am sending my deepest love to you in heaven and until we meet again. You are forever loved.

Our last jump together

Your mom


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