Washing machine!


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  I was baking a cake one day,



but my thought was not with what I was doing. I began to think about our washing machine. I thought how this wonderful thing do the job for us so that we don’t have to wash our clothes by hands. 

We just put our dirty clothes in the machine, chose a washing program, put a detergent and turn it on. Then after a while, the clothes are clean and we can just hang them to dry.


 It reminds me of what Jesus did for us. We were so filthy because of sin, but he washed us so we can be clean. White as snow. But he did not use a washing machine to remove the dirt. He used his body to clean us. He offered his blood to be the detergent to wash away the sins in our lives.


I believe God had used different  methods to work in us, so that we can be clean in the eyes of God. Yes we already recieved Christ as our Lord and Saviour and had been forgiven for every misdeed we had done. But we have a long way to go if we are going to be like Jesus in deeds and in love. There are some behavior in us that needs to be changed that maybe God have to cook us , so that these behaviors that hinders us to grow can be removed. Like we program our washing machine to cook the clothes that were so bemired, so that it can be usable again.  Others though were born kind and need only a lightwash from God.


When we wash our clothes, we put softener so that the clothes will be soft to touch, and will smell good. Like if we have Jesus in us, we can be people that are clean and smelling good. We can be somebody who can attracts others beacuse they feel God’s presence in us, which is love. Why? Because everybody wants to be with people who is clean, smells good and loving. As believers, we should be the one who scatters sweet fragrance everywhere we go. What I mean with sweet fragrance is that God’s love that flows through us to other people. Although it is not easy to do it all the time especially if someone treats us unfairly. But as God had forgiven us for every wrong things we had done, we can also forgive others for the wrongs they have done to us. Anyway, no one is perfect. Sometimes we are the ones who can hurt other’s feelings and not the other way around.


Like the clothes that we wear that  need to be washed everytime, we too should be washed by God everytime, because sometimes we go to dirty places, say dirty words, think dirty thoughts, and do something that is wrong.


God says in Psalms 119:9 that in order to remain pure, we must live according to his word.

And He reminds you and me:


We just need to come to God! He is our washing machine that never runs out of energy 🙂



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