What causes pain? As an individual, we experience pain whether we want it or not. In my life I had experienced:

Pain because of sickness

Pain of losing someone to another and death

Pain of separation

Pain  of too much work

Pain in giving birth

Pain in shattered dreams

Pain of being mistreated, abused or cheated

Pain  if my loved ones have difficulties coz I feel their pain too.


I think most of us had gone through those kinds of pains and dealt with them differently.

 But how can we manage to get over it?

How can we go on living when our hearts and body is aching?


In the past few days I have muscles and joint pain and have to strive to do my job. Strive to take care of my home and other extra activities that should be done. And sometimes I feel sorry for myself. But when I think of other people especially in my family circle  that have more problems than me, I feel ashamed feeling sorry for myself. I have a lot of things to be thankful and I’m still lucky.


Lucky to have a job

Lucky to have a family and a home

Lucky to have food on the table

Lucky to have clothes to wear

Lucky to have a very kind husband

Lucky to have children and grandchildren

Lucky to have eyes to see, ears to hear and to move and have my being.


How do I dealt with my past pains and how do I deal with my present pain?


I think I survived coz I thought that one day it will get better. Life is like  a circle and sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. And as long as I do my best and  forgive those that hurt me and let God do the rest, then I will be ok.


Jesus suffered so much pain for us.


 As a believer, we are connected to him and whatever we are going through, he too is going through it with us. Coz He is the head and we are the body. We can’t do it alone without Him. He has been the source of strength for me and had given  me hope when everything was hopeless. He assured me that although my loved ones are far away from me and I could not easily help them when they needed me, but He will be there for me.


And He said: “Cast all your cares unto me and I will give you rest “

Pain is a part of life and as long as we are on this earth, we are going to experience pain. Thanks God that one day it would end and He will dry the tears in our eyes. !


So for me, I just have to focus on God and keep on living and making the best of this life that He has given me. Pain or no pain.

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