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These 20 Cute Kids Were So Unlucky With Such Worst Parents.

My Goodness! Are They Even Parents?

#1. If not guided accordingly, this kids would be sharpshooters at a very young age.

Babies Taught How To Use A Gun 

#2. Who would have let this kid be in here?

Baby Bathing In The Toilet Bowl

#3. How he was able to get there makes me wonder.

Baby Climbing On The Fridge 

#4. This is meant for frat guys but not for this baby.

Baby Fed With A Beer

5. What comes into this child?s parents mind to tape him into the wall?

Baby Hung On The Wall With Duct Tape

#6. Don?t leave your kids unattended by a fridge#? or even a microwave, so they don?t lock themselves in.

Baby In A Microwave


#7. This clearly isn?t a nice treat for your child?s first birthday.

Baby Introduced To An Adult Drink

#8. All that?s in it looks delicious except for this little girl. Oh, my gosh!


Baby Placed On a Platter

#9. Any person of any age who sees this 

 surely scream and shout. How much more this baby?

Baby Sits On A Skeleton

                                                                                      #10. Thank God, this baby hasn?t yet developed the fear of snakes.

Baby Sleeping With A Snake


#11. Oh, Big Mama! Don?t you realize how squeezed your little girl is?

Baby Squeezed In Her Mom's Bike


#12. Look how this daddy is having fun at his little boy playing with that ax (even if it?s just a faux-weapon).

Baby With An Ax

#15. This dad must be sending his son to a Hebrew School.

Kid Wearing A Swastika Shirt 

#16. And how daring this lingerie-mother is to take a selfie photo with her baby girl?

Mom In Two-Piece Takes Selfie With Daughter 

#17. I?m guessing this mom must have be a frustrated pole dancer.

Mom Making Her Baby A Pole Dancer

#18. I know this pudgy face is somewhat funny and cute, if only it doesn?t hurt.

Parent Makes Baby Face Pudgy 

#19. These parents are too adventurous not thinking of the worst thing that could happen.

Parents Throwing Their Baby


#20. This little girl?s parents are such great fools.

Smoking BabySource

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