Baker’s Hill!

Tilbakeblikk fra mine ferier på Filippinene med familien min der. Dette innlegget er fra min engelske bloggen: joysnotepad.blogspot com. derfor det var skrevet på engelsk. Men, jeg vet at de fleste både snakker og leser på engelsk…så håper at det er greit om jeg ikke oversetter tekstene:) Dette skjedde for en del år siden. Jeg tenkte at noen har kanskje interesse av å se bildene fra landet hvor jeg kom fra.


After visiting the dark and wet underground river and the scary crocodiles, we found out that enough is enough. Actually it was in our plan to visit this famous Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm. But we don’t want to scare the children anymore, so we just took a picture outside the farm. 









                          So time to have fun in ” Baker’s Hill”.





Baker?s Hill started out as just a bakery but when the business became successful, the owner decided to convert the place into a park. Thus, Baker?s Hill is now included in the itinerary for the city tour of Palawan.





So here we are!


My oldest grandchild admiring the lady in red:)



We found ” Bugs Bunny” with the love of his life.



Oh, is there a popoh in there?



My son took the chance to hug Marilyn Monroe when his wife was not around!



And finally, we can relax in this place!


Well, there are some scary creatures here too. Huff!



Plants and trees all around!



The dinosaurs!



And the birds! Only they can’t fly! They are stuck on the tree:)



And the caretaker doing his job!



Really a nice place to visit.




Well trimmed trees and plants!



I found my place under the sun…..



and my fourth grandchild too!







But my fifth grandchild just want  to take the monkey home!



It is also a place to spice up someone’s lovelife!



My second daughter found the best place to eat! But we didn’t have a time.



Because my son was busy catching a thief!







So now, time to say goodbye……

                                     after buying these:


and more…


Bye, bye! See you next time in the beach. Island hopping!





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