The cross to bear!


Different people. Different cross to bear.


As human we have all kinds of cross to bear, both seen and unseen.


-It can be a husband or wife that is unfaithful

– Death of someone that is near

– Children that are going astray

– poverty

– being jobless


-being handicapped

– sickness

– unhappy marriage

– being alone


The list is endless. Each and everyone has a burden or a cross to bear. But it is up to us how we carry them. We can either carry our burdens alone or  seek help. Be joyful or be bitter. It is up to us. 


I wonder what Jesus felt when he carried the cross for us!  Was he lonely? Did it hurt so much? I am sure that no one of us can do the same deed. But still, His last word was ” Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” It only means that He really understand us and he really cares.


So whatever cross that we are carrying, we don’t have to carry it alone. Jesus carried our sins on the cross for us and He said:



Come to Jesus and find rest in your soul. I did:)





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