When in doubt!



God will continue to be true even when every person is false. Romans 3:4

Thoughts about this verse:

True or false. In this modern world, a lot of things that are true before became false nowadays and vice versa. People are twisting the truth especially the Word of God.

But as a believer, my/your preference should be the Word of God. The world says it is ok to tell white lies, but the word of God says that it is not. So, we should not lie.

The world says it is ok to have premarital sex, but the Word of God calls it fornication which is a sin.

The world says it is ok to take revenge, but the Word of God says vengeance is His and that we as believers should forgive and love our enemies.

The enemy can tell us that we are weak and good for nothing. Or he can say that we can do anything we want, be whatever we want although other people suffer for it as long as it makes us happy. He can tempt us with worldly goods so that our eyes will not be focused on the Word of God. But as believers, we should choose the Word of God as the truth because it is the real truth.



God says that we are wonderfully made. With God in us, nothing can be impossible for us. In addition, we don’t need to seek the world and everything in it because it can cost us our souls. God promised that if we seek His kingdom first and its righteousness, everything will be added unto us.

The verse says that God will continue to be true even when every person is false. It means we can always trust God no matter what.

Prayer: Dear God, this world and the enemy are bombarding us with false truth every day. So, I pray Oh God that we will remain steadfast to the truth of Your Word. That we will meditate on it, chew it bit by bit, divide it into thousand pieces, dive in the treasure in it, and live after it. The reward then is to be in Your Holy presence now and eternity.

We are very lucky though to be in Your presence Oh God because You speak the truth in love. Where the spring of life comes and where there is no darkness at all. You have the love that surpasses all. Love that never ends.  In You, we can have peace during turbulence. We are provided in times of drought. And most of all, we are saved from destruction. Glory to Your name Oh Father. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

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