When to find direction?

When do find direction?
If we are going to one place nowadays, we can turn on our google maps or gps. Almost everything that needs to be done needs instructions from cooking, building, learning a trade and so on. How to do this and how to do that. When God told Noah to build the ark he gave him instruction how. When he made the world and us, he give us direction how to take care of what he created and how we should live. But, time and time again..we failed. I failed much. I went to wrong places, I tried to live my life as I believed was best, but it leaded me to the dark places. I thank God that he found me in my despair. When I cried for help, he pulled me from the ditch and placed me in His caring hands.

In these verses God is telling me/ us that he will lead us to the paths we have not known. So, it can be scary for us. Maybe we are satisfied and comfortable already in our situation and we don’t want to venture elsewhere. But if we don’t follow God, we might missed many good things and a faith without deed is sin. God already promised that He will make darkness light before me/us and make crooked places straight.

How wonderful is that concerning that the enemy is always messing around us and tempting us always to follow his sugar coated lies that leads to destruction. God said that he will instruct and teach us the way in which we should go. He will counsel us with his eyes on us. Then it is up to me/ you to seek God’s councel and direction from His Living word. And if you and me don’t read his manual, we will not know how to live our lives abundantly. Abundat in love, grace, strength, life, light  wisdom. In God’s kingdom, we will not lack any good thing.

Trial is also a good thing. Make us cling to God and see how he transform us into His likeness. But we need to be a molding clay so that God can create a unique life in us. A victorious life in this dying world. And come to think of it. He said that his eyes is on us. Merciful and loving eyes.

So, I will continue to meditate the word of God and pray for help from Him in order to follow His instruction. His word will also be a health to my bones and life to my aging body. Hope You too will seek God’s direction in Your life…the best manual of all🥰
Father in heaven. Thank You that You care for each one of us that You had given us instruction how we should live, how to conquer the enemy and how to love unconditionally. You showed us the way to Your kingdom and You are the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank You that whatever we give for Your kingdom, we get it back a hundredfolds. Let everyone surrender his/ her life to You so that You can guide us in our journey to heaven. I pray in Jesus name. Amen


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